Getting ready for your holidays on the beach

Have you ever been to one of the Canary Islands? We can’t wait to welcome you here at our bungalow in Gran Canaria!

We’re sure that you’ll enjoy your stay with us. One thing that our destination have is its beaches. If you’re not familiar with any of them yet, here’s just an example of what you´ll see only 8 minutes away from our property:

Checklist for your holidays in the beach

  • First, book your flight tickets to Gran Canaria.
  • Have a look at our post about how to choose the best bungalow for your holidays.
  • Once you´ve read it, book our sunny bungalow on Airbnb (you can do it here).
  • Before your trip, don´t forget to prepare all of your documents, including: flight confirmation number and ticket details; visas if required; passport and/or other travel documents.

Tips for preparing your holidays in the south of Gran Canaria

Here we will show you a few tips so you can prepare your holidays in Gran Canaria:

Packing light

Packing light is important when it comes to traveling by plane, but don’t forget to raise your limits and pack a bag or two just in case. You might want to bring more clothes than what you think you will need, or something else that could come in handy on your trip.

You don´t need to bring towels for the shower nor towels for the swimming pool, as we provide for that in Casa del Sol 247!

You may also want to bring some additional documents such as your passport, visa or other identification cards like driver’s licenses (if applicable).

A credit card is also helpful if there are any issues while traveling so keep this on hand at all times while exploring new destinations!


Sun creams, sunscreens and sunblockings are essential when you travel to the beach. Not only will they protect your skin from being damaged by the sun’s rays, but they also prevent sunburns.

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is the key to protecting your skin from damaging UV light while in the sun. The SPF number tells you how much longer you can stay in direct sunlight before getting burned compared with if you had not used any sunscreen.

You should apply at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply every 2 hours or after swimming or sweating excessively.

Don’t forget to apply liberally onto your face, neck and ears as these areas are more sensitive than others.

Applying enough sunscreen on lips can help prevent them from drying out during warm weather so make sure to apply plenty of lip balm before heading outdoors.

If you don´t bring sunscreens with you, you can always buy it in one of the nearby pharmacies (find out more about the surroundings of the property).


Get ready to pack your swimsuit (or maybe two) because you’ll be going swimming very often during your stay in the Canary Islands!

When you’re traveling to the Canary Islands, you can expect to be in and out of the water more often than not. The beaches are clean and beautiful, so it’s no surprise that you’ll want to take advantage of them!

If you’re heading on a family vacation, then getting a couple swimsuits is a good idea. That way everyone can feel comfortable in their own swimwear while exploring the beach together.

If you have an infant or toddler who still needs diapers when they’re wearing their bathing suit, look into swim diapers that will keep everything clean and dry until it’s time for diaper changes at home again!


You may also want to consider bringing some goggles for aqua aerobics classes or snorkeling excursions—and for our amazing swimming pool!

We suggest stocking up on colorful hair accessories because nothing says “I’m ready for summer” like neon polka dots affixed atop your head like flowers on top of grass (or something).

If you want to go swimming, don’t forget your own diving goggles!

With these tips, you’ll be able to get ready for your holidays on the beach!

In summary, when it comes to packing for your holidays on the beach, you should consider the following things:

  • Book your flights and bungalow in Gran Canaria.
  • Pack light but don’t forget anything.
  • Sun creams, sunscreens and sunblockings are essential when you travel to the beach.


We hope these tips will help you get ready for your holidays on the beach in Gran Canaria.

It’s important to pack light and be prepared, but don’t forget that there are plenty of activities available on your holidays in Gran Canaria that don’t require anything other than yourself (or maybe a friend). So go ahead, pack your swimsuit and dive into the water!