How to use the washing/drying machine

Our washing machine is also a drying machine. 

To use the washing machine use these steps: 

  1. Add your clothes
ashing/drying machine
  1. Add laundry detergent on the  left compartment (half cap will be enough). 
  2. Add fabric softener on the center compartment (1 cap will be enough).
washing machine
  1. Select the program. We recommend the quick one for not too dirty clothes, and not too much quantity. 
Select the program

You can select 14, 30 or 44 minutes by pressing the clock with the t-shirt button.

Select the program 2
  1. You can also change the washing temperature or spinning revolutions if you want to. 
  2. Press Start button.
  3. The washing machine will be finished when this signal appears on the panel. 
Starting the machine
  1. Unload the clothes to hang them on the drying rack or leave them inside to continue with the drying function.

To use the drying machine follow these steps: 

  1. Select one of the drying programs (different times options, depending on the amount of clothes). 
drying programs